Every so often I Google myself and am so surprised to see all the things I’ve done.

I was a freelance journalist for about 15 years, mostly as a health reporter, parenting and nutrition columnist, and blogger for The Washington Post, where I also wrote for the travel and KidsPost sections. Here are archives of some of that work.

I also have published four children’s picture books with what used to be the Schwartz & Wade imprint at Random House. Here’s more about that.

I’ve done freelance copywriting, moderated panel discussions in person and online, and tons of general-interest writing and editing.

I’ve had a long career in public relations, originally for town and state governments but soon and long after for museums.

Writing is my way of understanding. Writing is my way of sharing. Writing is my way of being in the world.

Please join me in trying to understand, in sharing, and in being in this world of ours. Each of us moves through life with a specific cohort of other human beings. Let’s make OUR cohort the best one ever.