I Miss New York

Summer is winding down, and soon, I hope, I’ll stop thinking about how much I miss the beach…. and the pool.

But I’ll still be missing New York City.

I know people who have ventured into the city in recent weeks and months. It’s very tempting: Surely I’d be safe with my mask and six-foot space in all directions, right?

But I’ve been too cautious for too long to be willing to take even the slightest risk. (Well, I’ve taken a tiny risk, here and there, but only when I was pretty damned sure there was really no risk at all, and the benefits far outweighed the worry.)

This is, admittedly, a lazy blog entry. But I’ve been dreaming of NYC lately, and it occurred to me to revisit the stories about the city that I’ve had the honor and privilege to write for The Washington Post Travel Section in recent years. Re-reading them has been a fun stroll down Memory Lane for me, and I’ve somehow regained a glimmer of hope that I, and you, will be safely able to go to Gotham again, soon.

It’s also served as a reminder of how much we take for granted — until it’s gone.

Happy reading! And let me know what your favorite places in NYC are, so maybe I can write about them one of these days!





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