Another Saturday Night…

Tonight I was going to write about the fact that people everywhere are just peeling off their rubber gloves (and their face masks) and tossing them on the ground, with no regard for the fact that either a fellow human is going to have to pick the thing up — or it will end up killing a fish. I was wondering (and I Googled to find out, to no avail) whether people behaved so inhumanely during other times of crisis, like World War II. You never hear about people doing that kind of crap then. But it must have happened, right?

Then I remembered: It’s Saturday night. Lighten up, girl!

Today I had a lovely day. I did some editing and a bit of cleaning, then put on my bikini and relaxed on the hammock in the glorious, healing sunshine and breeze. After a delightful couple of hours, I showered up, did my hair, and put on a dress in preparation for a Zoom birthday party for a dear friend. I had thought …. well, never mind what I thought. The party was fun, and my friend was happy, which is all that’s really important. But let’s just say there was no need for me to primp.

When the Zoom ended, after just half an hour, I felt at loose ends, a bit bereft, in an all-dressedup, no-place-to-go kind of way.

It wasn’t entirely an unfamiliar feeling. Unlike, I gather, many others, I make a point of getting dressed and fixing my hair every day as if I were going to the office. Maybe I just need that bit of routine to maintain some semblance of normalcy — and sanity. But even when I get all dressed up, there is literally no place for me to go.

I did what I could to make the best of the evening. I talked with my awesome brother for a good long time; that always helps. I ordered delivery — BBQ eel! — from Ichiban, the Japanese/Korean restaurant down the street. (I’ve been ordering delivery once a week, rotating among the small, local places that I would dearly miss if they were not to survive.) I e-mailed two of my dearest friends. I poured a glass of wine and ventured out to the balcony; my next-door neighbor had had the same idea, and we ended up hanging out and chatting till our drinks were done. The company was good, the breeze was cool and smelled of spring, and the wine reminded me that loose ends are okay some times.

We said goodnight, and I came back to my office to write — about those gloomy, cast-off gloves.

But in a magical moment, an image popped into my mind, and I found myself laughing. Early this morning, I remembered, my grown daughter had texted me a meme, a hilarious meme. An all-too-true meme.

And, in the mystical way the universe works, the meme I most needed tonight:

There. That’s better.

Happy Saturday, my friends! See you tomorrow for more Corrective Shoes!

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